Air Ambulance

Providence Air Ambulance has partnered with Carson Air, the largest regional provider of fixed wing air ambulance services. Their fleet includes Citation Encore jets, Beechcraft 350 turboprops and a Beech1900D modified for bariatric transports. All aircraft are dedicated in medevac configuration with dual stretcher capability. Depending on the type of medical team required, we can often accommodate one or sometimes two travelling companions. Providence Air Ambulance maintains bases at the Vancouver International Airport and at the Kelowna International Airport, both in British Columbia, Canada.

Commercial Airline Escort

In some situations, a cost effective alternative to a dedicated private air ambulance aircraft is for the patient to travel with a medical escort on a commercial flight. Medical clearance from the organizing physician and the airline, in advance of the trip, is required. Depending on the patient’s medical condition they may be permitted to sit comfortably in a business or first class seat, accompanied by a Providence Air Ambulance medical escort. Appropriate ground transportation will be arranged and provided. Providence Air Ambulance can assist with obtaining and completing all the required documents.

Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

Use of a more economical commercial flight may be an option for repatriation even if more advanced medical care and the need to lay flat is required. Stretcher service is offered on many commercial long haul flights and Providence Air Ambulance can assist in determining if this will be a safe and viable option.

We have engaged a major travel service company to provide expert assistance with complicated ticketing associated with commercial airline escorted repatriations and airline stretcher service. We deliver preferred airline ticket pricing, seat availability as well as accurate and timely itineraries to assistance companies and private clients.