Medical Translation Services

Clear communication when it's needed most; Providence Air Ambulance will provide on-demand phone and written translation services. Within seconds we are served by English speaking operators who can accurately translate in over 150 languages. Operators have extensive training and experience interpreting for technical and medical organizations to ensure that even the most complex meanings are accurately conveyed. Written translation services follow strict codes of conduct and robust confidentiality agreements to protect privacy.

Vehicle and Pet Repatriation

A medical emergency away from home can create more than just health complications; our transport expertise can be applied to help solve those problems. Providence Air Ambulance can organize provision of a safe, experienced driver to relocate your vehicle and your belongings to any destination. As well, if an unforeseen incident has forced you to leave your pet behind, Providence Air Ambulance can help. We can send an animal-loving escort, with all the necessary equipment, to safely bring your pet home.

Non-medical Escort / Travel Assistant

Providence Air Ambulance can offer our expertise to help travellers, and their luggage, navigate today's complex airports by providing experienced travel assistants. We can also look after ticketing, visas, and ground transportation needs as required. This service is directed toward seniors, clients with disabilities, or minors who may be travelling alone.