Dr. Andrew Macnab MB, BS, MD (London)

Professor, Division of Critical Care,
Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia

photo of Andrew MacnabDr. Macnab's primary role is to provide guidance, leadership, and quality assurance to the Providence Air Ambulance medical team. He is responsible for establishing and implementing safe and best practices standards and for ensuring that processes are in place to monitor all aspects of medical service delivery. This includes development of medical protocols, training, and medical case review.

Dr. Macnab trained in the United Kingdom as a pediatric and neonatal critical care physician. He received his doctorate for research developing innovative biomedical technology. In 1977 he was recruited to Canada where he made improving the care of sick and injured infants and children in need of inter-facility transport a priority.

Dr. Macnab was Medical Director of the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia Provincial Air Medical Transport Program, and Pediatric Advisor to the Provincial Government, British Columbia Ambulance Service; he is responsible for key improvements in air medical transport. Logistics of service delivery, escort training, and patient care, together with his research have established British Columbia’s air ambulance program’s excellent international reputation. Many current standards for transport care, evaluation, and escort training are based on his contributions.

As a result of Dr. Macnab’s innovations, particularly with technological and logistic solutions to improve training and operational scope of air medical transport, he is sought out to collaborate with groups running medical transport programs across Canada, and worldwide. Groups in Scotland and North East England based key elements of their training and delivery system on the British Columbia model. His expertise has also been applied in Europe, the Far East, and by the AMREF Flying Doctor service in Kenya.