photo of Providence Ait Ambulance Office

Providence Air Ambulance is a full service air ambulance company providing medical repatriation services worldwide. Providence Air Ambulance has operations offices at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and the Kelowna International Airport (YLW). Business administration is based in Victoria, Canada.

Providence Air Ambulance was established with the intention of providing superior service and care by combining top notch medical, aviation, and management components. With empathy for patients and their families, we provide our services with the highest level of professionalism, care, and compassion. Providence Air Ambulance also makes patient privacy a priority; procedures and secure data management ensure confidentiality is strictly maintained during all phases of repatriation.


Company president Kieran Twohig and vice president Raymond Sims have served as paramedics for 35 and 40 years respectively, working as critical care flight paramedics the majority of this time. Providence Air Ambulance’s senior operations manager, Malcolm Biddle, brings invaluable experience from a career as a critical care flight paramedic and a founding director and manager of an air ambulance company prior to joining Providence Air Ambulance.

Providence Air Ambulance has assembled some of the most experienced aeromedical professionals:

  • Medical director Dr. Andrew Macnab is a veteran of the air ambulance industry in British Columbia, Europe, and Africa.
  • For medical oversight, including active support during repatriations, Providence Air Ambulance has a contract and exclusivity agreement with EMPEX, a group of highly experienced emergency physicians specializing in aeromedicine.
  • Flight physicians, flight nurses, and paramedics are drawn from a pool of professionals who have undergone rigorous training and who maintain relevant certifications and licenses through annual mandatory continuing education.


Providence Air Ambulance has partnered with Carson Air, the largest regional provider of fixed wing air ambulance services. The Citation Encore jets, Beechcraft 350 and 1900D turboprops we utilize are the most modern aircraft available in western Canada. All aircraft are dedicated in medevac configuration with dual stretcher capability.


Company directors Dan Weinberger and Kevin Twohig bring business acumen to Providence Air Ambulance from more than 18 years each of operating successful companies. Experienced administrative staff and established systems are in place to support the medical operations team and facilitate communication, data management, and administration.

Utilizing a modern fleet of medically configured aircraft, premier medical direction and oversight, exceptionally qualified medical escorts, data management to ensure privacy and confidentiality, and a supporting management team enables us to promise exceptional service and capacity. Providence Air Ambulance works hard, together with assistance companies, hospitals, case managers, and patients and their families, to provide the best medical repatriation solutions in the most cost effective manner.